Friday, January 4, 2013

Invisible zipper foot?

I spent this morning tracing Colette's Pastille dress to make a muslin. I normally never do this, but after seeing all the trouble other sewists had with that dress, and promising that 2013 is going to be the Year of Intentional Sewing, I realized a muslin is probably a good idea. I'm also between two sizes and I didn't grade the pattern at all, so we'll see how this goes! Expect to see a light blue bedsheet refit into a Pastille dress sometime in the next few days (maybe even today, since Wife is at work and I'm not volunteering tonight!)

On that note, I realized I not only do not have any invisible zippers, but I'm not even sure I own an invisible zipper foot! Before we left for the holiday, I sold my spinning wheel in order to upgrade my sewing setup. Since I bought Wife sewing lessons for solstice, we decided it would be a good idea to have a more dedicated sewing space than just the kitchen table. Plus, I am SO over cutting on the floor.

When I organized all my notions and supplies into the drawers of the Norden Gateleg Table we bought from IKEA, I realized I have about 15 extra feet. Seriously. I have 5 regular feet, 5 zipper feet, and an assortment of other feet that I've used once or twice. Most of them have come from various machines I've owned over the years and have died on me. A few came with the cute little Elna we bought from Spool of Thread when it was 50% off (!!). Honestly, I've only ever sewn in a zipper three times, and one was hand picked.

In all that organization, I found this weird looking little foot. It's shaped like an invisible zipper foot, but it's longer than any I've seen by a few millimeters. The hole is larger. It has the grooved bottom. All signs indicate invisible zipper foot (if so, woo!) but who knows? The Elna we have has a spring loaded foot mechanism in addition to the bolt, but i haven't tried to fit the foot to the machine yet.

So, any guesses on how old this guy is? I got a whole whack of sewing supplies from my great aunt before she died, so it could be decades old. I'm not even sure what model machine it's for. 

I'm off to buy a couple zippers and perhaps some rayon lining for my real Pastille (which will be made from the soft printed twill from the previous post). I'm also going to try to fit this weird little doodad to my machine and hope that I don't have to go buy a new foot!

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